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Torayla is organized by the elements — a blog in pentacle form. Ground with Earth, Inspire with Air, Light the Way with Fire, Flow with Water.

  • Ground: Earth is the grounding element. As old as time itself, without which we could not live, forever renewing and forever present. Meditation, yoga, and place-based thoughts go here.
  • Inspire: Air is the element of inspiration — of ideas, of words, of manifestation… speaking your truth in the world, sharing your thoughts. This is where my activist tendencies and the moments when I wax poetic will shine through. Herbalism, farm and family, and all the collections of worldly matters go here.
  • Light the Way: Fire is the element of warmth and light, a compassionate glow or a raging inferno. Here you can access my digital Book of Shadows. Use with care.
  • Flow: Water is the element of give and take, of flow. Water builds caves and wears down mountains. Here you can access knowledge on Tarot and women’s mysteries.

Who is Elm Gadarn?

Like many other seekers and teachers before me, I seek to make the world — and myself — better each day. I am a Seeker of the Way. I am an imperfect yoga-practicing, tree-hugging, cybergeek academic pagan witchy lady who grows a little more fermented and a little less limber every day.

I live in a little swath of heaven – a Southern Belle of a home in a landscape as ragged and powerful, as unchanged and endlessly changing as the women of the South have always been.

I raise a daughter and love a husband and keep gardens and livestock and dirty laundry. Our lives bump up against all those massive issues of the social currents we live in – guns and gender, strength and passivity, right and wrong, religion and politics. Still we live day to day, seeking the Divine in ourselves, in each other, and in the world around us. This is our journey.

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton


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