What’s in a name?

To some of my friends I am a Wyverary. Sometimes I am a curious and powerful aberration of a girl. No one would mistake me for a God. But names matter, and this one was chosen carefully, with much thought and over much time.


Elm is a Tree of Power, not always considered the brightest of spirits. It’s associated with the underworld and with death, with the dark side of stepping into our power. It is not often used in construction, and it can be brittle. It’s a tree of shadow-work, of facing rather than fearing the dark places. Elm is unassuming but unfailing.

Elm is often used in shipbuilding or in wet environments —  because it is both pliant and resistant to water and rot. Resilient and sturdy, it does more than bear these difficult conditions — in them, it shows its truest self. Elm energy must be approached with discernment and understanding, but when used well, it can provide loyal stability to the end.


“Gadarn” is an ancient Welsh title. Its original bearer was a culture hero or demi-god, Hu Gadarn. I struggled at the weight and hubris of using it, but in its oldest form it fits better than anything else I considered. It’s often translated into English as “The Mighty”… and that’s a little much as a chosen epithet. But it is more closely translated as “rooted”, “firm”, even “trustworthy”.

These are qualities I want to embody in the world and in my life. That’s my best self, the one I want to bring to light as I journey through my years on earth with my friends and family about me. I’ve got a long way to go, but I am putting out into the world the intention to become my best self. Let’s see how it goes together.

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