Queen of Swords

Image – The Wheel of the Year Tarot

The Queen of Swords is the Winter Queen, the woman who shrouds her feelings and who is willing to walk in a man’s world. She stands behind a stone railing engraved with the ‘winter’ symbol. Her cares are told on her face – lined brow, thin cheeks. There is little of classically feminine beauty or softness here. Her necklace and belt look more like armor than jewelry but adorn her and identify her wealth. She wears a tall crown and lush purple fur. The tree beyond her balcony is barren, as is the vine that climbed the stonework in warmer days and now lies dormant.

Meaning: The Queen of Swords

The Winter Queen bears a sword and is more ready for battle than diplomacy or hosting a court affair. Perhaps she dreams of riding into battle over playing a more “womanly” role in the banquet hall. This is a capable woman, one who does what is necessary without fear or flinching – but one who hides more than she shows. This is a woman who has seen and done it all and is a true Queen at the height of her personal power. She needs little, and gives in return only to those who have earned her respect and her trust.

She is an honest woman, forthright and sharp, one who values ideas and integrity as well as valor on the battlefield. Though like all the Sword Court Cards she is pictured ready for battle and is quite capable of both attack and defense, she values life and will seek a just end over bloodshed or violence.

This Queen can also surprise with her wit and humor, her quick mind and sharp tongue prone to sarcasm and witty remarks.┬áThe Queen of Swords can represent a woman or a man who is darker haired and slight. Like all Court Cards, the Winter Queen may also be an aspect of the querent’s inner self.

The Queen’s Advice for You

Try to find the humor in your situation, to accept and work with what is rather than to condemn, blame, or use your energy wishing things were otherwise. Your instincts are serving you well. Trust them, and your path will be easier. But be aware, when the Queen of Swords appears, that you may be trying to be too forceful in a situation. As Psychic Revelation advises with this card, “you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar”.

The Queen’s Question for You

Are you being fully honest with yourself about your situation? How can bringing wit, humor, or the best of your intellect to the matter at hand help diffuse tensions or move things along?

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