Knight of Swords

Image – The Wheel of the Year Tarot

The Knight of Swords in the Wheel of the Year deck rides at full tilt astride a dark horse. They pound together out of the gates of a fortress shrouded in winter. He is action and reaction, armored and ready for battle.  His sword is drawn as he charges forward. He rides across snow-covered cobblestones, his horse armored in rich colors emblazoned with the symbol of winter, an iron portcullis ready to drop behind him.

Meaning: The Knight of Swords

All Knights in the Tarot are messengers, but the Sword’s message is not one of paper or word but of physical movement, manifestation in the world. This Knight is related to the air element, to the act of bringing forth ideas into material existence – that moment when things move from idea to being, that sense of “Man, this just got real”.

He moves in haste and can be impulsive, not waiting to think through his actions but charging ever forward. Still, he is a competent and powerful warrior at the height of his prowess. When his energy is well-directed, he is lightning-quick and highly discerning in the spirit of the Sword. Like all Court cards, he can represent a person in the querent’s life or an aspect of Self.

The Knight’s Advice for You

This Knight is authoritative and incisive, cutting to the heart of the matter. He can go so far as to be tactless or rude in the pursuit of truth. Like the King of this Suit, he can be domineering, and may not take an individual’s feelings into account when navigating difficult situations or decisions. The advice of the Knight of Swords is to face the music and do what must be done. He may not be “proper”, but he is effective.

This Knight’s message can be delivered insensitively or at an inopportune time. Try not to let the manner of the delivery affect the content of the message. Is this something that needs action? From the moment the message is in your hands you can choose how to carry it forward into the world. You have the ability to add tact or compassion, skill or gentleness to the Knight’s blunt-force delivery – but heed his advice, and carry the message on into the world, even if the timing is unfortunate or the consequences may bring drastic changes.

The Knight’s Question for You

Is there a situation in your life that you are uncomfortable with, afraid to face, or otherwise avoiding? Have you received new information, especially painful or unpleasant information? Are you awash in the consequences of someone’s bad decisions – yours or someone else’s?

Who do you want to be as you handle this situation in the world?

The decision and responsibility of addressing your situation is all yours. Take it on headlong. The time is now. Change is a constant in the world, but how we react to change is up to us.

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