Princess of Swords

Princess of Swords - Wheel of the Year TarotImage – The Wheel of the Year Tarot

The Princess of Swords is “The Young Lookout”. She is a powerful warrior and a young woman. She is dressed for winter weather and practical motion. Her garb blends classically feminine and masculine elements – a bodice with a collar and cravat, layered skirts and puffed sleeves for warmth with practical flat shearling boots, a long knife belted to her side. Her hair is bound up against the winds. She sits atop the battlements of a castle tower, at ease and relaxed as she looks out over the domain she is charged with protecting. Her skirt bears the emblem of Winter, and she uses a spyglass to see clearly into the far distance.

She is alert but not tense, attentive and ready for action but comfortable in her place in the world. The sky and the stone tower of the winter Swords are her backdrop, a cannon perched over her shoulder pointing into the distance. She carries the easy poise of a young warrior.

Meaning: The Princess of Swords

In every direction, the tower offers protection, and she carries her duty to keep it safe lightly, as a part of herself. She is confident and secure, healthy and strong, at the beginning of learning her full path and purpose in the world.

Princesses (princesses in some decks, pages in others) are classically young, unproven individuals reminiscent of the Fool in the Major Arcana. Decks with the Page rather than a Princess of Swords often show him with a short sword, sheathed as well, as he does not yet have the full training or courage to wield it. Like a Page, this princess is as yet untested. Some of her confidence may come from a lack of knowledge of what is ahead of her, the hubris of youth.

Pages or princesses represent study and apprenticeship. They can be capricious and not always the most trustworthy of souls (again indicative of their young age). Still, the Princess of Swords has put in the work to know who she is and where she fits in the world, and to fully embody that self.

The Princess’s Advice for You

The Princess can be representative of a part of you or of another person in your life. If she is someone you know, she’ll represent a younger individual, male or female, who is confident and willing to walk in the world openly as themselves – whether the world is approving of that self or not. If she represents a part of your own Self, she is that part of you who is confident against all odds, willing to study and learn, to take on any challenge. She advises you to branch out, to learn new things – and to learn about yourself in the process, so that you may express yourself with the precision and swiftness of the Swords.

The Princess’s Question for You

Are you setting out on a journey? A new career, a new school, a new project, a new home? What do you need to focus on learning to make the most of this new chapter in your life?

The Princess is not just in the life state of “being young” but in the process of maturing – she works steadily to train, study, and learn about herself in relationship to the larger world.

Are you willing to be like the Princess of Swords? To remain a student of life, no matter what stage of aging you find yourself in?  

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