8 of Swords: The ill little girl

Image – The Wheel of the Year Tarot

In the Eight of Swords, a sick child rests in bed, her mother sitting on the bed beside her. The impression we get is that the little girl has been ill for awhile. The bed is tousled, and so is the mother’s hair. She smiles gently, obviously tired, but happy to be caring for her daughter while she heals. The little girl’s expression shows how unwell she feels, but she is awake and somewhat alert.

Outside the window, the snows of Winter fall. Inside, the room appears warm and dry. The bedcovers look thick and cozy. The colors in the illustration are dark but rich. The walls are thick and sturdy, as is the bed. Though this is a time of rest and slow recovery, they are blessed with a safe space and the time to spend together.

Meaning: The Eight of Swords

The eight of swords is a card about forced waiting, restriction, or a lack of freedom. There is a block in the natural flow of things, a time of forced stillness. In most cases, this restriction comes for within or is self-inflicted. Doubt, fear, or a lack of confidence may be keeping you from doing what you know needs to be done. When this card appears, it may be that you are being held hostage by your own insecurities.

The Eight’s Advice for You

Some prophecies are self-fulfilling. When you draw this card, consider that our thoughts really do have an impact on the world around us. The narrators we all carry around within our own skulls influence how we behave in the world, and thus how the world responds to us.

The swords cut through the haze of our subconscious or semi-conscious influences, laying bare what is deepest within us. When you see this card, take some time to get clear about the issue that brought you to the reading. Find your own influences within the situation. It’s time to get out of your own way.

The Eight’s Questions for You

Where are your fears or insecurities defining your life? How are your internal thought processes affecting your actions, and how are your actions affecting the world around you? 

The Eight of Swords asks us to reach deep, to see our own agency in bringing about the circumstances of our lives. When we take responsibility for our circumstances we are able to take responsibility for making a difference  our circumstances.

Are you ready to change your outlook?

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