7 of Swords: The dangerous enchantress

Image – The Wheel of The Year Tarot

A plain and plainly dressed woman, made beautiful by the radiant love and happiness that lights her face, nestles against a man — the object of her affection. She feels she is home when she is with him.

While she connects to his physical form, his attention is elsewhere. His eyes rest on a woman, coiffed to appear attractive in every way, who holds a peacock feather. It is unknown but perhaps implied that she is a woman of ill repute… or at least, ill intent.  In the style, color, elaborateness, and fashion of their clothing the man and the second woman are a better match, perhaps indicating that they really would make a more well-suited couple… but the focus is on the man’s wandering gaze, the disconnect between his physical position and his desires. The bit of his walking stick that’s visible in the image is distinctly phallic.

Meaning: The 7 of Swords

This is the card of subterfuge — of things not being what they seem. This isn’t necessarily a card of major, life-altering events, but of the small plots and habitual untruths woven into our everyday lives. The energy of the Seven of Swords is the pull of opposites, the tension between seeing things one way and the many sides of any story. The illustration on this card artfully shows the power of perspective. Who you are and what you know has a profound impact on how you see a situation.

The Seven’s Advice for You

There is subterfuge in this Seven, but there can also be grace in the way we work with the energy of this card. We must look fully at ourselves, first, to our intentions and actions in the world. This is the insight of the swords – the point where words are spoken into the world, where thoughts become actions. Swords slice through confusion to help show us our own concerns.

The cards tell us, first and foremost, how we ourselves are feeling about a situation. You may be simply find yourself in a situation where you can’t be fully honest, and your cards are reflecting that tension back to you. For example, I once saw this card on a regular basis during the time period when I continued to work at one job while I had put in an application and then was accepted to a different job. I stopped seeing this card after all the pieces were in place and I was able to tell my then-current employer that I would be leaving. My conscience was at ease again.

The Seven’s Questions for You

Are you working with subterfuge of our own making? Are you acting with integrity, or are you uncomfortable with your own actions?

Or perhaps, are you concerned that others are acting unethically or without your best interests at heart? How can you clear things up, or help to set things right?


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