2 of Swords: The two sharpened blades

Image – The Wheel of the Year Tarot

Two men cross swords on a blustery autumn day, one red haired and dressed in warm tones, the other black haired and dressed in the dark garb of Winter. Neither will be doing much harm to the other, it seems, for the crossed swords both push through an acorn, capturing the two men together in a moment of combat. Diminutive, they fight in the opened husk of a nut or a gumball, spiked and unforgiving on the outside, but harmless to the feet of the combatants contained within it.

More traditional decks usually display a blindfolded woman with crossed arms, holding two swords or knives pointed skywards. She is often seated or in a dropped stance – setting herself into a defensive posture.

Meaning: The 2 of Swords

The two of swords can be a card about balance or self-defense – two sides of a coin, equality in action, or decisions deferred. A person who is avoiding making a decision will often draw this card, a gentle admonishment that pulls the querent’s mind back to the need for decision and action.

This card can also indicate that you are in a more balanced state than you think. Just as the two men are evenly matched, there may be more give-and-take already inherent in your situation than you think.

The Two’s Advice for You

It’s time to make a decision, to come clean, or to be present with the elephant in the room that you’ve been ignoring. That’s your situation in a nutshell – in this case, literally.

Just as the two men in the nutshell are bound together in this moment, unable to follow through on the promise of their weapons, no forward movement is possible for the querent until a decision is made. In the moment, you are bound by your choice not to choose.

The Two’s Questions For You

What needs your attention, your focus, your unwavering gaze? Where is defensiveness or avoidance coloring your life? What action will change that, and free you to move forward again?

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